As an experienced adviser on one hand, and an active designer and reliable doer on the other, I lead and act in a knowledgeable, fair, consistent and assertive manner that is focused on goals and performance. 

As an analytical forward thinker, I structure projects, processes and procedures. As a man-of-action, I lead the way, taking all parties involved with me, motivating, encouraging and driving them, while at the same time pulling the strings.

I think and act like an entrepreneur in every role, sometimes participating in the risk as an investor. In so doing, I create added value for my clients and provide solutions. Working and communicating transparently, internally and externally, is a matter of course to me.

Developing ideas, finding creative and feasible solutions, putting companies back on track and thus ensuring their existence – that is what drives and motivates me. In this I am guided by a firm conviction that maintaining an ethical and moral foundation is a critical requirement for sustainable company success.